Worshipful Master 2019 -2020
A message from WBro. Samuel Campbell WM 2019 - 2021

Dear Brethren, friends of the Lodge and Freemasonry,
As Worshipful Master I am very humbled and excited to lead The Lodge of The Golden Fleece for the year ahead.
I thank all who were able to attend my recent installation at The Athenaeum Club, and repeat my thanks to our Immediate Past Master, WBro Richard Watson, and his Lodge officers for all their hard work and efforts to ensure that Melbourne’s premiere entertainment and dinning Lodge keeps going from strength to strength, especially as we are ever closer to the Lodge centenary in 2022.
As I mentioned in my speech, the Lodge can only succeed and thrive due to the interest in and engagement of all the brethren, what we give of our time and ourselves in Lodge work and social engagements helps to build the energy and enthusiasm that I hope all brethren feel and take pride in.
Further to this, as we only meet every second month, in recent times much effort has made to keep members engaged and active throughout the year outside of Lodge ceremonial work, for example since 2017 the Lodge has proudly sponsored a race at Kyneton, with a fully catered marquee for brethren and friends. As summer approaches I look forward to catching up with brethren and friends over casual indoor cricket and also an outing to the MCG for a T20 family and friends gathering.
We are also very fortunate to have access to The Kelvin Club, and I encourage all brethren to make good use of the venue and it’s facilities, it has always been a pleasure for me to celebrate with new initiates and other degree work in the South at the club, and I look forward to a full schedule of Lodge work in the year ahead.
In finishing I thank those two Brothers who started me on my masonic journey, WBro. Michael Pountney and WBro. Daniel Jade, both Past Masters of the Lodge of The Golden Fleece, and who I know will provide support and wise counsel as I go forward as Worshipful Master, seeking to enhance the fine reputation and experience that brethren and guests have come to expect from The Fleece.

Yours fraternally,

WBro. Samuel Campbell
Worshipful Master 2019 -2020