The Lodge of the Golden Fleece No. 300 formed on the 13th of June 1922 specifically to be a fine dining and entertainment Lodge and to have as a major feature, an orchestra, which has performed regularly at dinners over the history of the Lodge.
 The Lodge was consecrated on the 13th June 1922 with 26 Foundation Members including M. Wor. Bro. F. T. Hickford, Pro Grand Master and M. Wor. Bro. G. E. Emery. Past Grand Master and Masons under the English, Queensland, New South Wales and Scottish Constitutions.
The idea for the Lodge originated with several members of Combermere Lodge No. 752, E.C. which met in Melbourne. They proposed to form a new Lodge for Master Masons, who had joined freemasonry before arriving in Melbourne. The Pro Grand Master, M. Wor. Bro. F. T. Hickford was delighted to welcome these Freemasons and invited them to form a Lodge under the Victorian Constitution.
The orchestra is currently comprised of Freemasons, and their partners and friends. Instruments include oboe, clarinet, violin, piano and organ, flute, viola, cello, double bass, and horns like trumpet and trombone. 
Ladies, Partners and Guests are always welcome.