Our Worshipful Master
A message from WBro. Greg White WM

Dear Brethren, and friends of the Lodge,

As Worshipful Master I feel very honoured to have been entrusted with leading The Lodge of The Golden Fleece for the year ahead.

With the last masonic year having been so heavily impacted by Covid and so difficult for us all, I have a greater appreciation of the role that Lodge plays in filling the need for social and personal connectedness amongst members in particular, and with other freemasons more broadly.

I am extremely proud of the Golden Fleece’s response during this period and in particular the many virtual activities which the Lodge ran. I am grateful for the leadership of WBro Sam Campbell, which ensured that the lodge was an active, constructive and constant presence providing comfort and support for our brethren.

I would like to thank all of those who attended the installation at the Athenaeum club. It was a fantastic evening which exemplifies the fantastic fine dining and entertainment experience for which the Fleece is renowned. I believe now, more than ever, that the Fleece experience is a role-model for modern metropolitan lodges and the services that should be offered to attract and retain modern men.

Particular thanks must go to the Grand Master, MW Bro Richard Elkington, and the Grand Lodge team. Their attendance, as always, brought a reverence and grandiosity to the event that is a credit to them; and it reminds me of the personal sacrifices that they each make to rehearse for and attend these events.

The year ahead is significant to the Golden Fleece, leading in to our Centenary celebrations in 2022. The Golden Fleece Centenary Committee have been actively working for the last few months on plans and so you will start to see information coming out in the near future, on upcoming events and opportunities to participate.  I hope that one of the highlights for the Centenary will be the creation of the “Golden Fleece Centenary Charity Fund” which can be a foundation for this Lodge’s charitable work for the generations of members to come.

In finishing, I would like to thank the officers and members who contribute significant time and effort to ensure the ongoing operations of this Lodge. We are fortunate to have such a lively and active Lodge and whilst I thank those who have helped create this environment, I also encourage other members to finds ways to contribute so that we can share the load and maintain the wonderful Fleece experience that we all enjoy.

And I will close by reminding members how very fortunate we are to have access to The Kelvin Club. It is a relatively unique venue amongst metropolitan lodges and one that adds to the special and unique appeal of the Fleece.  I encourage all brethren to make good use of the venue and it’s facilities.

Yours fraternally,

WBro. Greg White
Worshipful Master