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The Lodge of the Golden Fleece are incredibly proud to have created, as part of our centenary year 2022-23, a charity fund known as the Golden Fleece Centenary Charity Fund (GFCCF).


The Lodge works hard to practice benevolence and charity, and this fund has been created to enable us to better support our community via philanthropic work in areas such as Health & Medical Assistance, Community Development and Youth Programs, Education, Music and the Arts.


The GFCCF has been created as a named sub-fund within The Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation, under the superintendence of Freemasons Foundation Victoria (FFV).

Our Centenary Fund is a DGR1 (Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient) fund which means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.


The Centenary Fund has a target of raising $100,000 over 5 years.


It is acknowledged that members are at different times in their life, and have different financial situations; members are encouraged to contribute however and whenever they are able.

Donations will also be gratefully accepted from the family and friends of members.


The Lodge of the Golden Fleece will support projects that seek to improve our community. We focus on projects that are helpful, constructive and positive with relatively immediate outcomes. 

We choose not to support longer term projects like medical research, which, whilst worthy, is not aligned to our project principles.


Some examples of areas that we might support are:

  • Health & Medical Assistance (medical equipment and fit-outs, mental health programs, health and wellbeing programs) 

  • Community Development (emergency relief, community facilities, school breakfast programs, social inclusion programs)

  • Education, Music and the Arts (school relief programs, school mentoring programs)

  • Youth Development Programs (Scouts/Guides, mentoring programs, leadership programs, cultural and art programs, support services, assisted needs programs, participation programs)

  • Indigenous Programs (mentoring programs, leadership programs, cultural and art programs)


The fund is governed and managed by the Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation (FPCF).

All donations made are to the FPCF.


Once the balance of the Fund reaches $11,000 the Golden Fleece are obligated to disburse a minimum of 4% of the balance per annum.


Disbursements from the fund must be made to Deductible Gift Recipient 1 (DGR1) charities and approval to make a disbursement must be approved by Committee of General Purpose. A vote is then made in open Lodge, thereby ensuring we are always confident that the money is going to a good, proven cause.

The Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation (FPCF) will not release any funds until they have a copy of the minutes confirming that the lodge has approved the disbursement. Reports are issued regularly to the Lodge by the FPCF, to track the balance, including donations and disbursements.


Donations can be made by bank transfer or credit card - you can even leave a donation through your Will.


Check out the FAQ page:


For more assistance, please don't hesitate to ask us directly:

Alternatively, if you want any further information or have any concerns, reach out to the Freemasons Foundation directly via Neil Cripps (Executive Officer) on (03) 8535 4788 or via or visit their website:

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