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Is this related to the Almoners Fund? Will Almoners Fund money be used to start the Sub-fund?

No, the almoners fund is managed and maintained separately and has a different purpose. The Almoners fund is for smaller activities to provide support to brethren in need, or small projects.

The Golden Fleece Centenary Charity Fund is intended to raise a considerable amount of money that will be invested and managed by The Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation (FPCF), and will allow the Lodge to make larger (albeit less frequent) commitments to projects with the intent of having a larger and hopefully longer term impact than can be achieved via the Almoners fund.

No money will move, or be shared between, the Almoners fund and the Centenary Charity Fund.

How will you raise these funds?

Initially, members will be asked to make an informal subscription, i.e. to agree to a donation each year for each of the 5 years. This could be a set amount ($300/year x 5 years) or perhaps an increasing amount in line with the individuals situation ($100 in the first year, $200 in the second, $300 in the third and so on).

This will not be binding. Members situations can and do change, and all donations should be made without detriment or impact to a members personal and family finances. This approach is simply a way to encourage members to think about their contribution as ongoing, and to focus us towards our 5-year goal.


Additionally, funds can be raised in any number of ways – we could seek and encourage donations from other Lodges or brethren right around the world. We could we could host fundraising events, or even have members bequeath donations in their will.


We can be creative with how we raise funds, as long as we comply with the Consumer Affairs Victoria Guidelines. Importantly, as the FPCF is a registered fundraiser, they can provide direct guidance to the Lodge if we opted to undertake a fundraising activity. Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Will you publicise who has made contributions and the value?

We will not publicise the value of any individual's donations. We may list out all donors, to celebrate all who have made a contribution, but no mention of money will be made – because we all contribute as we are able to, based on our personal circumstances.

There will be some members who can contribute more than others because of financial situation or life-stage. There will be some members who have other priorities and are not able to contribute.  


All donations will be warmly and gratefully accepted – without competition or judgement.

What is the significance of the 5-year goal of $100,000?

This is an aspirational target intended to inspire our Lodge to achieve something great around the time of our centenary.

Just as the Lodge founders have left us with a great legacy in the Lodge and it’s traditions, we want to try to leave a legacy for future generations of Golden Fleece members and their families.

The amount is not fixed and neither is the duration.


The hope and intent is that the Fund will continue being able to dispense charity indefinitely, for as long as the Lodge of the Golden Fleece supports it.

Who ensures that the funds are not misappropriated?

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria (FFV) manage the investment, governance, and administration. There is a fee of 0.5% per annum to cover the associated costs, and are based on the monthly balance and debited to the account in October, January, April and July.

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria is a proven organisation separately administered from our Masonic organisation ('The United Grand Lodge of Victoria' or 'Freemasons Victoria').

You can find out more about the Foundation here

How do we see how much money has been raised & dispensed?

The Foundation will provide a report specifically on our named sub-fund, and we will ensure that information is made available and is as up to date as possible.

The full Annual reports and other documents are required by law to be produced and provided by the Foundation. These can also be requested either quarterly or biennially. As an example, you can see the most recent Foundation Annual Report here.

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